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Happy New Year from the Rustic Imaginarium

Saturday, January 07, 2017



  1. Straw bales and Wood Burners
    16 Mar, 2018
    Straw bales and Wood Burners
    Straw bales and wood burners At Rustic Imaginarium, We’re keeping a close eye on the debate regarding the reintroduction of wolves back into the highlands of Scotland.  A well-known tale tells of the 3 little pigs trying to create a lovely life for themselves in a wonderful eco-designed house built of straw, only for a Mr Big Bad to come and urinate all over their dreams, forcing them to start from scratch, costing them a fortune and making them use techniques with a high-embodied  energy.  Poor
  2. A shout out to the wonderful people of Assynt.
    16 Mar, 2018
    A shout out to the wonderful people of Assynt.
    1 year on.  And like many 1 year olds, despite the fact that it hasn’t really moved very much, it has completely changed our lives.  It seems fitting to sit here while a storm is raging outside, the caravan walls bellowing in and out, reminiscing about our arrival a year ago onto the croft and sitting in a tent, while a storm raged outside, the tent walls bellowed in and out.  That is until the tent blew away… On anniversaries I always like to look back at the highlights, so why not do it
  3. The first pineapple
    14 Mar, 2018
    The first pineapple
    Suilven on our horizon, odd shaped colossus, seems to lift her ancient Torridonian seams and peek over our Lewisian gneiss to see what on Earth is going on at the croft. 'A pineapple?' 'From stones upon stones upon stones. How can this be?' Exotic as She is to many, witnessing the first pineapple plucked from its stalk upon our Achnacarnin croft, was a sight to behold. Never in her eons had she imagined such a thing. My daydream sailed on with the scurrying cumulus above and I gripped the
  4. Heart in the soil
    14 Feb, 2018
    Heart in the soil
    Heart in the soil January blustered through and February continues to chill, but beyond this Winter we cannot wait to see what we can make of this land and what it will make of us. There's a history of hard work on this croft, one that Gail, Jamie and I will surely discover more of in time as we set down new roots here on the west coast at Achnacarnin. However, at this moment I look to my roots growing up on the east coast of Scotland in Aberdeenshire.  Walking on to the croft each time with
  5. Every great journey...
    10 Feb, 2018
    Every great journey...
    Every great journey starts with a first step. Feeling rather excited about the prospects of 2018, and thoroughly enjoying the feeling of being swept along in a positive current, we recently headed off to do a little location research around Sutherland and Ross-shire. The first step on what will undoubtedly turn into a grand adventure? In a dull moment of motorway driving (en route to a cob-building course), we encountered an epiphanic moment.  Sudden, brief, but possibly life-changing.
  6. Momentum
    18 Jan, 2018
    Momentum A new year and a change of pace.  2018 so far has brought a lot of joyful times. January 1st, within arm’s length of midday, was witness to an unseasonable percentage of skin.  A plentiful few of us divested ourselves of well-won hangovers from the previous night by allowing the waters of Achmelvich bay to do their work.  The gulf-stream had taken the edge off the cold thankfully, and a beautiful blue-sky day watched over us. What a wonderful start.  Long may it continue. With a
  7. Winter is always coming...
    18 Jan, 2018
    Winter is always coming...
    Winter is (always) coming! But we have been hardy enough…. So far. Moving into daylight savings was rough, that day just seeming to get so much shorter.  I know, I know.  Cutting off the bottom of the blanket and stitching it to the top ain’t making for a longer blanket.  It just feels that much shorter.  A cheeky wee lie-in and suddenly it’s nearly night time again! Aside from this the winter has been excellent.  Getting settled into our winter home has been thoroughly enjoyable.  On our
  8. The Reboot
    30 Oct, 2017
    The Reboot
    So… Here we are again.  It’s been a while… BUT WE ARE BACK!!! Firsty, we’d just like to thank everybody for the continued moral support while we’ve been forced to sit back on the project for the summer.  Our spirits are, and always have been high, but we decided that to help our situation up north, we would give things a little bit of time to let the dust settle over summer, and give us time to reflect.  An opportunity to sit back and stick the feet up for a nice rest you may think?  Nah.
  9. Settling in
    13 Apr, 2017
    Settling in
    Days 11 – 15 The sun came out in all her glory on day 11, and hung around to play for the next week. Taking advantage of the clear days with visibility to Cape Wrath and beyond, we went for a rambling, scrambling climb up Stac Pollaidh to see what we could see. And we saw it all! All the peaks came out to have a look, and to show off. The views from the top were immense. Quite the day to reinvigorate the soul. (And pose like David Brent) Day 12 was more admin but with a brief run