Rustic Imaginarium

Creating a Croft on Scotland's North Coast 500 Route


  1. Pondering a new name ...
    09 Jan, 2017
    Rustic Imaginarium .... what does it all mean??
    It's all in a name.... Some things just sound right, feel right and look write written down, when the name captures the character, the essence of a place, a project, a thing. Gail, Jamie and I are setting out on an adventure and we'd like you to join us. Our idea is to build a place that inspires us every day.  Eco-accommodation that we'd love to holiday in and somewhere that we can all call home.  We want to invite you to relax and play, to inspire you and your friends and family on your
  2. Soil's ample!
    07 Jan, 2017
    Happy New Year from the Rustic Imaginarium
    Welcome to 2017 everyone and to the croft at Achnacarnin in the northwest coast of Scotland (58 degrees N & fivepence W). The Rustic Imaginarium's stone has started rolling and a dream of exciting eco-accommodation in a beautiful ancient landscape is starting to roll. I celebrated Hogmanay in Achmelvich with some of my new crofting neighbours.  I was greeted with many a warm, homely welcome and a few drams of whisky (of course).  I had my first dip into the North Atlantic followed buy a